sentosa residence

Location: Singapore

Status: Completed 2007

Ocean 8 is a unique 8-unit development comprising of 4 corner terraces and 4 intermediate terraces facing the Sentosa canal by K2LD Architects and IJM Properties.

Working within the constraints of the maximum allowable volume of the development, a strategic subtractive method of cutting voids was employed to meet the gross floor area requirements. The result is a myriad of volumetric varieties rarely found in standard terrace developments. Triple volume voids with skylights, landscaped spaces carved within the master bathroom and bridges connecting the bedrooms enhance sense of spaciousness and openness.   This strategy allows the capturing of a slice of nature through the varying depths of lightwells, airwells and openings.

Two colour tones were used on the exterior façade for tectonic clarity. Responding to a site that is so close to the water edge, a curve roof apex was a deliberate design strategy to reflect wave forms and accentuate the softness one would usually associate with a seaside development.

The roof is also purposefully sliced at the corners to celebrate and accentuate its curving and sculptural form, challenging the typical interpretation of the pitch roof requirement based upon the Sentosa planning guidelines.