Location: Singapore

Status: Completed 2012

A private family residence situated on a uniquely shaped triangular plot, the Winged House frames the site with two prominent forms – the trapeziums. These forms open towards the main view at the back of the site where 3 existing majestic palms are, and of lush greenery. These embracing forms carve out and frame a middle garden for friendly and private gatherings. In response to the tropical climate context, the formal exploration took a turn from cutting openings from a pure trapezoid form to separating roof from form. The extensive roof overhangs for naturally ventilated spaces, with much shelter and shade enjoyed even during the seasonal heavy rain downpours. An exploration of the roof form went further with the separation of roof from roof. This split of the roof achieved a play of light and shadows into the interior space. The relationship of the two winged forms, its space in-between and roof on roof are strengthened through use of heavy granite walls in contrast with the lightness of the roofs, along with vertical timber screens that blends into the surrounding greens. The Winged House, in its formal expressions and material language, results in an abode that sits snugly in its context in a quiet ‘winged’ embrace of the site and dwelling within.