lien collective

Location: Singapore

Status: Completed

The Lien Villas Master Plan is a rare architectural commission. It was sparked by the client’s desire to experiment with a unique approach to development with no boundary walls between them. K2LD worked as the master planners for this project.

Using a collaborative design strategy in experimental housing, the vision called for six architects to flex their imaginations and explore contemporary architectural idiom. This ensures that divergence is controlled within certain fixed parameters. The directive thus issued, was not to imitate its form and style but rather to draw inspiration with regard to context, typologies, materiality and phenomenology from the site.

What results is an alternative mode of development giving the site a new interpretation and a new lease of life.

Architects Involved in the Project:

Studio TERRE
K2LD Architects
ZARCH Collaboratives
Ministry of Design, & Park Associates
Metropolitan Office Experimental