G HOTEL kelawai

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Status: Completed 2015

The G Hotel Kelawai is an urban hotel with a refined contemporary appeal, designed after the success of its affiliate, the G Hotel at Gurney Drive. Its prime location, between Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon, provides convenient access to the most prominent shopping centers in Penang. The building offers 208 guest rooms,which feature state of the art functionality. A café, lounge, and rooftop bar all provide outdoor seating. The rooftop bar is adjacent to the infinity pool, with views to the surrounding city and the lush scenery beyond.

An interest in creating an iconic landmark for the city inspired the black and white exterior. White concrete overhangs push past the contrasting black exterior walls like ocean waves. This contrast creates a sense of depth in the façade, as the black walls sink to the back and the white panels become the foreground. The modular panels are placed strategically to minimize the amount of surface area covered. The result is a geometrically patterned skin for the façade. A prominent yet delicate appearance is created, connecting the floor plates and creating cohesion.The deep overhangs project out from the building floor plates to not only cut off direct sunlight, but to hold the screening devices in a geometrical form and pattern that is immediately iconic and engaging on the public and private realm.

The spacing of the white mesh panels harnesses passive environmental design strategies to address the given climate, locality and orientation of the site. The building envelope is a double layered ‘skin’ to address the hot and harsh tropical climate all year round, and reduce the operating costs involved in running a high occupancy building. Furthermore, the outer skin is a sun shading screen made in durable and recyclable aluminum hollow sections on the podium and expanded mesh on the tower component.

Façade lighting concept lights up the exterior panels of the building, changing the way the building interfaces with the surrounding environment from day to night. The building becomes engaged as a part of daily life in the city.